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Glammer Salon Fanchise


It started operation since 2539 and by the opening of a small shop. Soi Ladprao 101 Bangkok Since the name was later changed to TIGI HAIRDRESSING ACADEMY and TIGI HAIRCARE CENTER, switching to GLAMMER SALON in the year 2545 in the cause is GLAMMER SALON occur due Glammer Way Co., Lyd., a company in some way. established HAIRCARE imported products from overseas for distribution in Thailand and a world class hairdressers to educate students on a regular basis. Made channels expand Only the original products, they began to open for access.


Administration's own needs independently are independent under the management of another such business should be no risk to the management of the shopping center located GLAMMER SALON etc. So it is a concept that GLAMMER SALON. Businesses must be located in a standalone (Stand Alone), and as such it is a concept that GLAMMER SALON. Must be in tandem with other services to help GLAMMER SALON always encouraged to use the facilities as a Cafe, Internet, Resturant, etc.


The concept that attempts to manage independently endowed the country with commercial buildings almost everywhere. Therefore, the size of the investment is high. Estimated to be between 500,000 baht to 1 million baht only. It is a golden opportunity for young entrepreneurs. It can have its own affairs is not difficult and reduce the risk of investment, with the support of the parent company. Lead to breakthrough business success with confidence.


By the policies which are not only limited to resources in the Company but also extended to those top stylists other insititution in sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences at GLAMMER EDUCATION, the Company's team members agree to commit and bind themselves to work together with harmony by working towards the same goal due to the philosophy GLAMMER EDUCATION as per the following details:

G = GEOMETRIC Understanding the angle and degree in geometry Designers of GLAMMER must work with the principle of reason and result by understanding the fundamental of geometry regarding angle and degree with may effect the result of the work. We will not work by copying or adapting.

L = LEARNING Learning the basic information of each specific client. Designers of GLAMMER must use the basic information of their clients such as hair conditions, complexion, age, professional, dressing style etc. for creating their works to match with each individual characteristic, The designers will not commence their work without the full awareness of the said basic information.

= ARTISTIC Visualizing the work to complete artistically as a total design. Designer of GLAMMER will consult with other designers whose work are related to his/her work for prefection of the work it be completed for each client. They will not independently work with no concern on the overall result by claiming that it is their own style of artistic work.

M = MOTIF Creative the outstanding look and mitigating the weakness on each client' appearence in addition to the total designs, Designers of GLAMMER must do the addition work to create the outstanding look and mitigating the weakness on each specific client without negligence under any excuse.

M = MUTUAL Creating wok to meet mutual satisfaction of both parties,Designers of GLAMMER must interview their clients and must be skillfull in communication towards persuasion and compromise until mutual satisfaction on the design of work can be reached. The designers will not disregard their client's demand as an irrelevant element of work.

E = ELABORATE Delicately Concentrate in all details of each process. Designer of GLAMMER will work in each step under the standard and concentration. They will not disregard any step which may lead to deterioration of the work by perceiving that the speed of the work reflects the skill but they will judge the success of the work by result.

R = RESPONSIBLE Responsible to the clients not only in the salon but also the client' care talking process at home. Designers of GLAMMER will not only think of the result confronting result but also they also have to be a client' consultant at all time until their clients can take care themselves at home by not hiding any information which their clients should know.

Benefits initial buyer will receive.
( Franchise Benefit )

1. Trademarks

Why should SALON under GLAMMER not only the image. And known only to you, but GLAMMER it means. Ensure the success of salons under the name GLAMMER arising from a comprehensive support system. As well as being a partner exchange. Knowledge and as a mentor to him every time, even if you are in any GLAMMER will take you to achieve that goal. Experience and success with the support of a truly integrated. 

GLAMMER have registered with. Intellectual Property Department since 2546 and has been for over 10 years as an award-winning NAME CARD DESIGN AWARD 2009 from Cannes. France, London Int'l Awards 2009 in London, England. It is also used to mark GLAMMER. TV filming almost every camp, theater and fashion events in the long history and current GLAMMER trademarks are the favorite in Muscat Kathmandu and other cities in India, Nepal, and the city of Guwahati. GLAMMER trademark symbol is blue. Which represents the new wave In the field of hair design.

2. The development of a stylist to international standards.
GLAMMER EDUCATION School. Centre for International artistic beauty.

Training Center started out 10 years ago before it was GLAMMER EDUCATION full year 2545 under the Ministry of Education GLAMMER EDUCAION has proven to produce high-quality designer hair out. many go on to careers in the beauty industry. In particular, the course can be adjusted. Provide a standardized access to hairdressers Intensive Foundation, which makes the work of the designers of hairstyle GLAMMER as a standard line. One style does not work with it, so customers can rely on GLAMMER SALON. Whether you're into GLAMMER SALON any field, it will be the same standard of service and performance. Branches, thus ensuring absolute GLAMMER SALON hairdressers have been trained. International standards And one branch of customer satisfaction. 

School of hair design GLAMMER (Glammer Education) a course that can change both the craft and the vision of a hair to international standards within a period of only one month and a staircase to the stylist, those on foot. up to 7 layers, we are able to measure the ability of the stylist precisely. This gives the buyer the right, I can send a technician to attend this program at any time. Eliminate the problem of lack of skilled If hairdressers have resigned. Customers are not technicians according to waste it all. But be sure to use the service technician to others. Certified by us as well.
Buyer can send a technician I trained. To receive the certificate, the stylists of GLAMMER up to 5 people in the first and 50% in the period following the training. Then throughout the franchise.

3. Computer software for the management of the salon. 

GLAMMER TECHNOLOGY Computer Management.

GLAMMER SOFTWARE is shot software program company. Is manufactured to the management of particular beauty. This program will be beneficial to work every field whether it is in stock. To calculate the benefit of technicians The order of business operation, marketing, customer information, etc. It is important that every. We use the Online Branch transferred to dispatch. In response to globalization and thus GLAMMER SALON all can communicate with each parent company. Continuous time GLAMMER computer program designed specifically for salon salon to make a system secure. Fraud Prevention Easy to calculate the benefits of a stylist. Customer records Chemical History My coworkers are motivated to work hard because he will receive revenue from the work rate and the program will control the Stock prevent leaks, too. 
Buyer will get free installation worth 25,000 baht down your computer buyers to own one, if you have problems and need to program a new program. Discount program is only 10,000 baht.

4. Marketing

With a full range of business GLAMMER about our salon is regarded as the SALON SYSTEM EXPERT So whether it is a product for use in the salon. Beauty Schools makeup Hair accessories for every business is GLAMMER So every time you have to advertise and promote any business whether it is small or any medium GLAMMER trademarks are the consumers or users. I trust and loyalty for this brand. Because for more than 10 years ago GLAMMER will try not to disappoint consumers may be because GLAMMER regardless of quality over quantity, always.
             Also GLAMMER also joined with other institutions. In activities such as camping, movies, drama, fashion shows, etc. So every time GLAMMER visible to the public eye. That means GLAMMER SALON will benefit from the aftermath of the advertisement. That is not a Valuation
Plans to build a GLAMMER Brand Family Brand That means using. Brands in all sectors of business with the same brand. And promote joint brand, making the drive to create. Known brand (Brand Awareness) faster. GLAMMER brand advocates with many activities such as support for long-TV Channel 7 for 10 years, making the superstar actor to experience the brand GLAMMER.
Support Central, held a "Central Denim Live",.
  Support Contest, Super Model Kids, sponsors Only the Lonely, organizers Hair Show.
Hair Seminar several consecutive years. So who bought the rights to the franchise. Are invited to attend has been promoted as a cognate GLAMMER together. In order to drive the business forward together.

5. The use of high quality products at special prices.


By Glammer, is a manufacturer and importer of a product. Buyer shall have the right to purchase discounts. Make Profit from the sale. The product is a brand of Glammer's own would make sure the customer. Glammer Salon. I use only high-quality goods at Glammer's identification.

6. Latest trends and advances in professional.


Any activity Glammer was held. The buyer will be eligible to receive an invitation to participate as a branch of Glammer's image was added. And enhance the work of stylist. Glammer and will arrange a meeting to exchange experience between them, the trend setter hair stylist Annual Update to the post of Glammer's all in trend.

7. The International
The training institutions abroad (In't Training).

Glammer, is a center of knowledge for a long time. Glammer stylists will be invited from abroad to educate hairdressers Thailand regularly. The buyer will have the opportunity to attend an intimate and exclusive than other clients of Glammer's.

Franchise stores from 50 stores with a monthly fee and what the buyer is entitled to receive.

(Franchise Fee & Royalty Fee with Benefit)

1. Franchises for salon 1 Branch (aged under 5 years).
Stand Alone Franchise Fee (5 years). 
100,000 baht monthly fee of 5% of what it is.
1.1 Rights of the initial purchase.
1.2 territory covers around 3 kilometers wide.

2. salon franchise for the store (under the age of 5 years).
Modern Trade Franchise Fee (5 years).
150,000 monthly fee of 5% of what it is.
2.1 Rights of the initial purchase.
2.2 territory covers around 3 kilometers wide.

3. franchise province (age 10 years) Master Province Franchise (10 years).
The natural foil for its first 200,000 and 25,000 for the next branch in the province. Monthly fee of 3% of what it is. 
3.1 Rights of the initial purchase.
3.2 territory covers one province.
3.3 can open branches in their territory under the control of the parent company (Franchiser), but is not limited to a distance of 3 kilometers on all sides.

4. Franchise School (20 years) Education Province Franchise (20 years).
School fees for 300,000 and 25,000 for the next branch in the province. Monthly fee of 3% and the Certificate of 1,500 baht 900 baht short of what is. 
4.1 Rights of the initial purchase.
4.2 territory covers one province.
4.3 The school first opened and expanded.
Salon across the province But there must be a distance of 3 kilometers around.

Process and how to apply to participate.


1. Form of Intent to join the company
2. reports FRANCHISE resumes. The feasibility report of the project SALON candidate that has any of its customers, team building, etc., send targeted marketing company.
3. company officials Check out the photos and the reports.
4. Once considered Officials are meeting the intent. Meeting with the team of the company.
5. Consider a simple adjustment to the actual location.
6. FRANCHISE agreement between the intent and the Company.
7. the elephants to decorate according to Article 5.
8. meeting with the marketing department Preparation of advertising and the launch.

Funds (level of 600,000 Baht)

Building rental                                                          50,000 baht
Decoration                                                              300,000 baht
Furniture and Equipment                                          50,000 baht
FRANCHISE FEE                                                   100,000 baht
The products used and sold in stores.                      50,000 baht
The computer equipment                                          50,000 baht

Term of Contract (FRANCHISING PERIOD) 5 years

Rental                                                                        15,000 baht
The electricity supply, telephone                               10,000 baht
Cashier                                                                        8,000 baht
Salary Stylist 2 persons                                             20,000 baht
Salary Electric Hair Shampoo                                      8,000 baht
Products used in                                                          5,000 baht
commissions                                                              15,000 baht
The magazine and Miscellaneous                               1,000 baht
social Security                                                              2,000 baht
Total expenses                                                         84,000 baht
The possibility of turnover.

Income Cut Stylist 2 of 3 persons 1,800 baht a head.
Drive revenue pool. Of Electric Shampoo 2 persons 3 900 baht a head.
Revenue from chemical hair day 2 3,000 baht.
Revenue from product sales (30%) of 600 baht.


Total income of 8,600 baht per day.
189,000 Baht per month
5% franchise fee 9,450 baht.
Total revenues remaining 179,550 baht
Expenses 84,000 Baht
95,550 baht left margin
Profit for the year 1,146,600 THB


Outside of the salon.

Inside of the salon.

Coffee zone.

Overall of the salon.

Rear zone with shampoo bed and seat for employee.

Overall after decorate maybe with or without the coffee zone.