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Glammer Philosophy

By the policies which are not only limited to resources in the Company but also extended to those top stylists other insititution in sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences at GLAMMER EDUCATION, the Company's team members agree to commit and bind themselves to work together with harmony by working towards the same goal due to the philosophy GLAMMER EDUCATION as per the following details:

Understanding the angle and degree in geometry Designers of GLAMMER must work with the principle of reason and result by understanding the fundamental of geometry regarding angle and degree with may effect the result of the work. We will not work by copying or adapting.

Learning the basic information of each specific client. Designers of GLAMMER must use the basic information of their clients such as hair conditions, complexion, age, professional, dressing style etc. for creating their works to match with each individual characteristic, The designers will not commence their work without the full awareness of the said basic information.

Visualizing the work to complete artistically as a total design. Designer of GLAMMER will consult with other designers whose work are related to his/her work for prefection of the work it be completed for each client. They will not independently work with no concern on the overall result by claiming that it is their own style of artistic work.

Creative the outstanding look and mitigating the weakness on each client' appearence in addition to the total designs, Designers of GLAMMER must do the addition work to create the outstanding look and mitigating the weakness on each specific client without negligence under any excuse.

Creating wok to meet mutual satisfaction of both parties,Designers of GLAMMER must interview their clients and must be skillfull in communication towards persuasion and compromise until mutual satisfaction on the design of work can be reached. The designers will not disregard their client's demand as an irrelevant element of work.

Delicately Concentrate in all details of each process. Designer of GLAMMER will work in each step under the standard and concentration. They will not disregard any step which may lead to deterioration of the work by perceiving that the speed of the work reflects the skill but they will judge the success of the work by result.

Responsible to the clients not only in the salon but also the client' care talking process at home. Designers of GLAMMER will not only think of the result confronting result but also they also have to be a client' consultant at all time until their clients can take care themselves at home by not hiding any information which their clients should know.