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Intelligent Day


Every May Established as months of School of Art Education International Beauty Glammer Education (22 May 2545), all alumni, students, new teachers, and designers. Everyone, including the staff of Glammer Education to attend every year because of Glammer Education Intelligent Day is an important day more meaningful. Day reunion, which is greater than. Anniversaries, birthdays, and it consists of. The essence of many Just an ordinary meetings. Because this event will champion new wave happens every year, whether the New Comer of the Year, Total Intelligent Design Award as a consecration designers, ladder 7 steps of Glammer, includes both the ceremony Kalayana you. To express to each of the teachers Yoo. Certificates awarded to students who graduate each year. The award honors prospective students And alumni for outstanding contributions to public offerings Trend I Glammer in the Collection of the latest Intelligent Day of that year, more and more every year because each year Glammer has produced a new wave of designers. I'm off to Thailand many fashion. It is a powerful, new wave, which we dubbed.
"Power of Blue"


Art as Imitation is art imitating Symposium of Plato, a Greek philosopher of the opinion that "art" is an imitation of nature. Deemed to be repeated in the form of what Plato already saw what we saw. We tangible senses. Around us is not the real beauty is the beauty ideal (Ideal) several years I have traveled far. Through experience new things strange. Far-sighted eyes were looking for change. And change over time Today is the day we stop at the sight. To look around to find the balance of life and spirit would be impossible for a human to move forward without a break. It is a force of nature To help fill the anchor. To create a ready to move forward natural life force to feel cozy and comfy cool colors like blue, gray, white, blonde, green is the color of paint on things around like water. Fluffy clouds, trees, grass, sea swallows the horizon at sunset, the sky streaked with nature is a mixture of orange, pink, bright sparkling glitter. Complementing Of our own nature and flamboyant style. Creating elaborate nature Shall have the power to mankind. To study and live with it in harmony. Because in the end, it's just part of human nature that one day.


Beauty School Gallery at Mercer Glammer Education Department of Education has initiated a program to enhance their knowledge. The beauty with the designer. This will be a factor in the formation of the creativity of the art. Under that definition. "The art of designing the integrated" Total Intelligent Design is a design aesthetic has been the integration and development of creative imagination. What has been the result of much higher quality. New ideas. Standard work better. Development and International Design Competition. And the most important. As the spirit of Beauty School News The Mercury Glammer Education is a collaboration of designer cosmetics organizations such as hairdressers (Stylist) haircolor (Technician) makeup staff (Make Up) Fashion Design (Designer). complement, not conflict. And creative imagination together with equality. This will make the design into a truly international.