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Course for Advance

Course for experienced hairdressers.
Course cut - cut straight high. For those who have experienced hairdressers.

"Intelligent Cutting" is a haircutting course for a student in professional level which will enable them to create their works by mixing all basic hairstyles to match with each specific client. They will learn how to analyze the basic information of their clients and use them as a guideline for designing the work to match with each specific client. In addition, they will be trained to work on the newly arrival hair design collection to keep themselves up to date at all time and such skills can be immediately used in their daily work. Both demonstration and workshop practice will be provided with the duration from 2 to 4 days. This course is suitable for the students who have the haircut exprience of at least 2 years. 

ออกแบบตัดซอยระดับสูง (เรียนเฉพาะวันพุธ) หมายเหตุ
(Intelligent Cutting)
  Intelligent Cutting ระยะเวลา ราคา 5 คนขึ้นไป
1 เรียนเฉพาะวันพุธ 1 วัน 5,000.-
2 เรียนเฉพาะวันพุธ 2 วัน 10,000.-
3 เรียนเฉพาะวันพุธ 3 วัน 12,000.-
4 เรียนเฉพาะวันพุธ 4 วัน 15,000.-

Course hair For those who have experienced hairdressers.

It is a course for hairdressing and bun, hairdressing for brides, hairdressing for gala night out event, hairdressing with hairpiece and fancy hairdressing. This course will enhance the perfection of the students' hair fressing skills to enable them be capable to service their clients in all occasions or to prepare for a hair contest. The graduated students will obtain full confidence in creating their own creative works. This course will provide students the demonstration and workshop practice with the duration from 3 to 7 days. The course is suitable for a hairdresser whose experience is more than 1 year.

ชื่อหลักสูตร (Eng)
จำนวน ชม.
Europe Long Hair Style
5 วัน
25 ชม.
Competition Bun
5 วัน
25 ชม.