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7 Steps of ladder to be Glammer designer

Development itself up to international standards.
Guidelines and procedures for the measurement of Glammer Education alumni success, all courses at Mercer Gallery. Can not measure up.
Those who pursue a career in the beauty industry, you would know that. Nowadays No institution. Or any agency established criteria to evaluate the performance of the hairdressers are. That the standard of work. By using the criterion of self-evaluation.
Thus creating a difference inequality. And is not widely accepted. In the meantime, I have some work to adjust the standard.
Holding of awards from various competitions. Some people spend most of their time on patrol competition.
To obtain awards. I still can not get the skills to compete.
Applied to work in a real salon.

So Glammer Education, which defines a standard way to measure performance.
A group of hair design. To the responsible management positions.
In determining the rate of interest income. And charge capacities, respectively.
The agency will also benefit you in terms of performance.
And fair to providers and recipients of services Truly in the future.